Photo Guidelines

Upload a high-quality photo

Upload a high-quality photo. A clear, high-quality photo with natural light makes the best necklace. Avoid low-resolution photos and poor lighting!

Positioning of pets

Your pet's position is also very important. Make sure your pet is always in the foreground and photographed up close with a good camera. Everything you want on the pendant needs to be visible on the uploaded photo. We cannot engrave parts that are not on the photo! Parts that are not visible in the picture are being cut off on the pendant.


Make sure your photo is properly exposed! Overexposed photos and underexposed photos mean that we cannot make the best possible pendant for you.


We recommend taking one pet per pendant for the best quality. Would you like to have two or three pets on the necklace? Make sure that the pets are standing next to each other without any distance.

Additional Information: 

If your pet has dark fur we highly recommend to go with Sterling Silver to ensure that your pendant turns out beautiful.

If we receive a photo that doesn't follow our guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the final piece will come out as you want it to. We can't offer replacements in these cases, so take your time to take a good photo.

Note that all examples on site were made from high quality photos. It's your responsibility to make sure the photo you provide meets our guidelines. If it doesn't, we will try our best to produce a high level finish but generally your result will not match that shown on our website.

While we do try to review all photos we receive, sometimes our order volume demands that we increase product production levels and therefore this stage is often skipped. That's why it's so important that you provide a photo that is of a high quality.